Our recent work

MH Exhibitions Promotional Video

MH Exhibitions have commissioned Optimwm to produce 3 Promotional videos, which are currently in edit. Each video has a combination of narration complemented with small sections of interviews with key personnel from each of their divisions. The narration is performed by a professional voice over artist who succinctly delivers the key information within each film. The interviews will be shot in a conventional style as though talking to an out-of-vision reporter and will focus on demonstrating pride, attention to detail, appreciation of quality and customer satisfaction.


The promotional video illustrates the business aspects from consultation and design, through to build and onsite deployment and customer care. With a ‘handheld’ shooting style to give a fluid, less formal flavour where the camera smoothly moves around the room following the action. We capture key logos and designs across all sites to visually reinforce each company’s brand. We feature people busy at work, enjoying their trade, looking professional and keen.

S4C Dal Ati Companion App

This blends elements of traditional online learning with innovative TV integration technology. In its simplest terms the more traditional learning screens form a core of learning whilst second screen functionality integrates the app, the content and learning into prime-time television companion app.


From an attractive menu based interface the user selects content relating to a TV programme that is aired as part of the weekly language learning service. Users are able to interact with the content of that programme and learn the Welsh language through reading and practice activities available. The content developed and edited by specialist language tutors also provides cultural information on Wales and its heritage.


Due to the short deadline and unmovable first transmission date the app was developed using an iterative approach which allowed the release of a first version that was high on robustness but low in terms of functionality. User feedback and formation of the content shaped how the app was then developed in terms of functionality as well as the user interface. This approach ensured that the new service being provided by the broadcaster had flexibility allowing the Welsh Government as the main sponsor to have demonstrable results in their desire to move Welsh learners from the medium and higher levels of learners to fluency.

iOS : http://moil.in/dalatiios / Android : http://moil.in/dalatidroid



S4C Dal Ati companion app

LearnCymraeg app

Bangor University: LearnCymraeg app


Bangor University’s Welsh for Adults department commissioned the development of an interactive language learning app. The app targets Beginners’ and Foundation levels learners as a standalone learning app along with being a supporting aid for existing learning courses.


The app has been built using a learning Framework, allowing reuse and configuration for other instances of learning, the app could be developed further to learn other topics as well as other languages.


Optimwm were responsible for concept development, instructional design, content development and repurposing, video as well as the project management. This user and learning interaction design along with project control complemented perfectly with the technical expertise of Moilin to produce an outstanding learning resource. An agile approach provided opportunity for the product owner, end users and other important stakeholders were able to influence the development.


The app has 22 learning screen variances, encompassing traditional learning activities such as fill in the blanks, sentence reordering, word searches, hangman, video, audio and multiple choice questions.

iOS : http://moil.in/learncymraeggogios  Android: http://moil.in/learncymraeggogdroid

National Botanical Gardens of Wales

Optimwm were commissioned to develop bilingual online learning resources for the National Botanical Gardens of Wales with a heavy bias for video content as well as animations and interactive material.

Twenty-two of their existing face to face courses were digitised in order to further engage a wider spectrum of audiences including young adults. The course assets included narration-led show-me-how guides as well as animated explainers and video case studies.


National Botanical Gardens of Wales: Online Learning / app