Who we are

Optimwm Ltd provide expertise in digital media and education and wrap up the delivery with experienced project management. Drawing on 16 years of experience in the digital and software industry our knowledge and practice has ensured the successful delivery of high profile projects. 

Our approach to all our commissioned work is gained from working with the best in the industry and our appreciation of the need to ensure that delivery is paramount. Optimwm’s values are firmly based on quality and the drive for excellence. “We work with the best to ensure we deliver the best.” 

You will never get the heavy sell from Optimwm as this is most definitely not our style. We’d prefer you to see what we can do, what we have done and what we can deliver for you. We provide an approachable and friendly experience, ensuring the skill, know-how and quality that you would expect from a large organisation, yet with the closer experience you would expect from a customer focused company as we thrive on building quality and long-lasting client relationships and value each and every connection.